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No Walls No Wars

We are excited to announce our upcoming project. This ambitious tour will take us from Washington DC across various states where immigrant communities are most affected and will end across the US/Mexican border in Tijuana. Along the way, we aim to create large and impactful street art and murals with messages like "Abolish ICE" and "Free Palestine" to raise awareness and energy about the connected struggles faced by these communities. 

Untitled_Artwork 12.JPG

We believe in the power of art to unite and inspire change.

Inspired by our past successful mural tour to Standing Rock, we pursue this project In solidarity with the people of Palestine and local migrant communities. Each mural we create on this journey will be accompanied by a community event, providing an additional focal point for local residents to engage in action, share their stories, and stand together in solidarity. We will also be working with artists in each city, as we cumulatively add everyone's poster designs to wheatpaste throughout each place along the way.

To bring this vision to life, we need the support of organizations like yours. Your partnership can help us:

  • Secure materials and resources for the murals and poster art

  • Coordinate and promote a community event in your neighborhood

  • Provide logistical support as we travel

  • Amplify the voices of those most affected

We invite you to join us in making the No Walls No Wars Mural Tour a powerful statement of unity and resistance. Together, we can create a lasting impact and send a strong message of solidarity and support for immigrant communities and the people of Palestine. 

Thank you for considering this opportunity. We are eager to discuss how we can collaborate to make this tour a success. Please feel free to contact us, for more details or to arrange a meeting.  

In Solidarity, 

The 411 Collective Team

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